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Tonbridge Roofing Carpentry. Kent

Tonbridge Carpenters in Kent, are specialists in the construction of pitched roofs.
We are a Kent based company and have been established as an authority on roof construction for the last 25 years.
Our accomplished roofing carpenters will complete every project quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.
The art of pitched roofing is is a rare skill that the majority of carpenters shy away from due the complexity of the cuts and advanced mathematics ( Trigonometry ) required to work out the rafter lengths.
All our roofs are bespoke. If architectural drawings are unavailable the roof structure can be designed on site by our carpenters or, for more complicated roofs, off site by our surveyors.

Tonbuild Cut and Pitched Roofs.
Covering Kent and Sussex Areas Based In Tonbridge.

Tonbridge Cut and Pitched Roofs in Kent     Tonbridge Roofing Carpenters in Kent

Our carpenters understand the construction of a timber framed roof better than most, and we can proudly say every carpenter is an asset to our company.
Types of roofs we construct :
gabled - cross-gabled - cross-hipped - pyramid-hipped
simple hip - mansard - flat roof - gambrel -butterfly

Tonbridge Roof Trusses in Kent     Tonbridge Roof Construction in Kent

Cut and Pitched Roof Construction. Tonbridge. KENT

Kent Traditional Roofers.
Our carpenters carry out the art of cut roofing. This is where the shape of the roof is cut by hand.
We will fix the wall plates level and parallel and then commence by marking out the common rafters these form the shape of the roof.
The angle of the roof will either be found on the drawing or matching the existing roof.
We can also construct more complicated roof structures where hips and valleys are within the roof structure.
We can form the openings for dormers and for Velux windows.
Our services include, wall plates, common rafters, jack rafters, hip rafters, and valley rafters, ceiling joists, purlins, binders and struts.

Proud Winners of Tonbridge and Malling / LABC Building in Excellence Award 2009.
Tonbridge Builder Tonbridge and Malling Award Winner Tonbridge Builder Labc Award Winner

Finalist LABC South East Building in Excellence Award 2009. Kent and Sussex

Email us on ...
Telephone 07858 618830

Tonbridge Carpenters .Roofing Carpentry in Kent and Sussex

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Truss roofs:
These are constructed by means of being fabricated off site and brought to site and lifted into position.
They do sometimes have the advantage being quicker to erect than a cut roof. Although the majority of oft space is lost.
Truss roofs can also be fabricated to form the space within the attic so forming the loft conversion.
We can form dormer windows within the trusses and openings for dormer windows. Trusses can also be formed in softwood as well as oak to form king post trusses.

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Tonbridge. Covering all of Kent and Sussex.

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