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Tonbridge First Fix Carpenters and Carpentry.
Studwork. Joists. Rafters. Door Frames. Floors.

In carpentry, the first fix usually refers to structural work, which is done before the plastering of a property.
This would include building the wall studding, roof struts, door frames and floor joists, roofs and flooring for example.
The division into first and second Fix comes from the number of phases needed to finish a job.
After the first fix, a tonbridge carpenter would normaly move on to another area to allow other trades people to complete their installations.
For example, the electricians may lay cables or the plumbers may lay pipes in the walls and floors.
When this installation is complete, the carpenters can then continue with their designated project.
Carpenters may sometimes go off site in between the first and second fix.
However, on big projects, they will often stay on site and do alternative carpentry while the other trades finish their tasks.

Installers of all First Fix Carpentry.
Covering Kent and Sussex Areas Based In Tonbridge.

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First fix ( sometimes described as shell ) is a short-hand term used to describe the processes that are undertaken during construction works up to the point of applying internal surfaces typically plaster.
It is normally used in relation to the work of specific trades such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians.
Generally this will include constructing the structure, cladding, flooring, doorframes, stairs and so on.

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Tonbridge First Fix Carpenters and Carpentry. Kent

Tonbuild Carpenters.Carpentry in Tonbridge.Kent
We offer superb carpentry and building services, including structural work such as making floor joists, roof studs, and wall studding.
We also specialize in making timber partition walls and shuttering for concrete projects.
We will install the roofing, whether lean to roof, trussed or multi-pitched roof.
Our carpenters will fit the staircase and will take care of all timber that is not visible.
They will install the staircase during the first stage of construction to allow access to the upper floor and upper parts of the building.
However, if timber is decorative or will be exposed, they will leave it for the last moment.
We will take care of the handrails and balustrading before decoration.

Proud Winners of Tonbridge and Malling Kent / LABC Building in Excellence Award 2009.
Tonbridge Builder Tonbridge and Malling Award Winner Tonbridge Builder Labc Award Winner

Finalist LABC South East Building in Excellence Award 2009. Kent and Sussex

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Any qualified and experienced carpenter will tell you that they love seeing their project come to fruition.
Whether it's the detailed carving on a small piece of furniture or the finished roof of a brand new house, pride is the over-riding feeling.
At Tonbuild : Tonbridge Builders .Kent.
Our carpenters take pride in every piece of work they undertake.
Not only can we make the interior of your house look and feel exactly how you wish, but we are also experienced in constructing the shell to your house as well.
Whether it's an entire timber frame building, an extension, new staircase or loft conversation, we will happily visit you for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements.

Tonbuild. Your leading First Fix Carpenters.
Tonbridge. Covering all of Kent and Sussex.

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